Ivermectin is the Fire Truck SMH Should Have Brought to the Fire of COVID-19

Here's how ivermectin works, in pictures. It's a COVID treatment powerhouse, but SMH had staff run miles with water buckets and denied the fire truck that families begged for, and patients died.

Credit to Dr. Mobeen Syed for his amazing explanation of the mechanism of action of ivermectin.
According to Dr. Mobeen Syed’s exmplanation: ivermectin:
1) Prevents Infection - works prophylactically by inhibiting the SARS-CoV-2 virus from entering our cells (similar to a vaccine that prevents viral entry in a different manner);
2) Slows Viral Replication by acting as an anti-viral (the same goal as anti-virals used in hospital protocols: Molnupiravir, Remdesivir, and Paxlovid;
3) Disrupts the Virus’ Ability to Turn Off our Viral Invasion Warning System, so neighboring cells can more quickly defend themselves;
4) Diminishes the Cytokine Storm.

* I am a citizen researcher and not a doctor, so please contact me with corrections / suggestions.

This video explains how our community can both recognize the huge efforts and sacrifices of hard-working COVID care staff, and yet also be devasted by the care received. We recognize the times some of those on the COVID care team ran for miles as fast as could with water buckets to our loved ones’ burning houses (SMH’s COVID protocol). But the hospital had a fire truck (ivermectin), we begged for it, you denied us, and loved ones died.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital Truth
Sarasota Memorial Hospital Truth