We are a local and online community with the goal of bringing COVID-rated truth and best practices to Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

Our goals:

1) Sarasota Memorial Hospital should recognize that the COVID vaccine is dangerous and experimental. It is also appearing to be increasing risk of infection with each injection. As such, based on a review of research, it should:

A) Research risk / benefit for COVID vaccine, and subsequently call for a halt to the COVID vaccine for all ages based on what the analysis will reveal.
B) Report all serious adverse events to the Board and to VAERS. Designated staff should be assigned to assist with this.
C) Assess number of COVID genetic vaccine injections for each patient to allow for analysis of serious adverse events, on a voluntary basis, to gather data on risk/benefit of the genetic vaccine.

2) Some community members shared the nightmare experiences of themselves or their loved ones at the hospital and the first Board meeting of the new term. They should be invited to a private session with the Board to have an opportunity to have all their questions answered. If their care was lacking, that should be honestly acknowledged with a plan for preventing similar situations. This meeting could also be open to the public if the HIPAA protected patient / family member chooses.

3) Receive training on most successful COVID, long haul, and vaccine injured treatment options based on best practices, including results comparison to current protocol. Invite Dr. Pierre Kory (treatment best practices), Dr. Ryan Cole (autopsy / pathology of COVID and vaccine damage), and Dr. Bruce Patterson (Long COVID and vaccine damage treatment) to present. Facilitate the inclusion of Ivermectin - based protocols if desired by patients.

4) Allow staff to submit anonymous paper surveys to the Board with 3 questions:
A) “How do you feel about the level of care at SMH. Do you have any recommendation?”
B) “How do you feel about working conditions at SMH. Do you have any recommendations?
C) “Is there anything else you’d like us to know?”

How we can bring COVID truth and better patient experiences to Sarasota Memorial Hospital…

As I’ve met with community members, I am impressed with how many of us want to help bring truth and excellence to SMH. Ways to help:

1) Attend Board meetings, ESPECIALLY THE NEXT ONE, Tuesday, February 21st at 2 pm, where the Board may decide to sweep everything under a rug and close their anemic, non-independent investigation.
2) Sign petitions to present to the Board
3) Share our stories, on this site or at Board meetings. Many local doctors, nurses, patients, moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas have their finger on the pulse, and it’s time for our experiences to come to light.
4) Coordinate to meet with Board members
5) Present vaccine facts to MOMS and MOPS groups
6) Host documentaries related to innovative cancer, COVID, etc. treatments to learn, share knowledge, and build our outreach.
7) Host Q&A forums for representatives

If you would like to get involved with any of the above items, please reply to this email.

Thanks again, and please tell a few friends if you think they’d appreciate it.


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FDA/CDC/NIH Safety Net Shredded: We Need SMH Board Members to Be Our Advocates for the Best COVID and Other Treatment Protocols



a mom whose hobbies include researching COVID early treatment options from heroes like Steve Kirsch, Dr. Malone, Dr. McCullough, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Zelenko, and others.